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Successful google ads campaign easy or hard?

Still almost anyone who is consistent can be successful if they will implement a consistent testing program. Since testing can bring almost continuous improvement in your Clickthrough Rate (CTR).

Successful google ads campaign easy or hard?

Successful google ads campaign easy or hard?

Here’s a surefire three-step formula that’s as easy as one…two…three.

Surefire Step #1: Develop Your Initial Test Ad

Notice I said ads are not ads.

You want to present two competing ideas to your market right away. Let your prospects know who they like.

Tip: Examine the headlines first, keeping the body copy the same. Headlines can have a huge impact.

Tip: Set it up so that Google displays both ads equally. Otherwise Google will serve the ad with the highest click through which will affect your test.

Surefire Step #2: Monitor Results

Review your results after 40 clicks. Google displays ads within your listing. Showing the number of clicks each ad received.

Here are the early results for the campaign I tested:

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39 clicks | 1.4% CTR |
Served – 49.5%

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26 clicks | 0.9% CTR |
Served – 50.5%

Each ad was served half the time. Yet one outperformed the other by more than 50%. Since someone got 1.4% CTR. While others only .9% CTR. So I did nothing more than install two ads and found that one was clearly the winner.

In case you’re wondering I don’t know why an ad worked better. And don’t really care. Marketing is not so much about “what works” as “why it works”.

IMPORTANT STEP: You have an ad that generates clicks. Now you want to improvise on it without wasting half your impact on an idea that may or may not work. So here’s the trick.

Surefire Step #3: Duplicate the winner. Add another contender.

The winner will be presented two-thirds of the time if three ads are presented equally. Whereas the test ad will be shown only one third time.

From here wait until the challenger has accumulated 40 clicks before deciding whether it is better or not. (Unless it’s dramatically showcasing the reigning winner.) If so it’s the new winner. If so, or not, repeat step 3 with the second idea.

Measures to increase CTR for testing

Here are five known CTR boosting strategies that you can test out:

  • Put the target keyword in the title. Google will bold it to draw attention to your ad.
  • List the big benefits after the features on the first line of text. Does it generate more response than an ad that simply lists various features?
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word verse using all lowercase.
  • Use action words like…Sign Up, New, Now, Today, Buy Now, Save Now, Apply Here… Impact Feedback?
  • Qualify by including the price.

Result? Over time you will improve your CTR to drive more traffic to your site. Make you a winner in adwords game.

That’s why I say you don’t need to be a marketing Einstein to develop working AdWords ads. Just know a little about the hot buttons in your market and the rest of the market will tell you.

See? A surefire formula that is as easy as one…two…three.

So what you waiting for? Start testing today for more traffic tomorrow.

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