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Regarding the Adsense update time

If you haven’t yet got a Google AdSense account for your site, now is the time to do so. AdSense is becoming increasingly popular with small and medium-sized websites looking to capitalize on the popularity of their sites. And with the latest updates that have been made to the AdSense service, there is no excuse for not joining now.

Regarding the Adsense update time

In case you didn’t already know that AdSense is Google’s reference targeted ad delivery program. Basically the search engine giant is giving you a chance to display the ads that you would have seen on your site on the right side of your search results. Whenever someone clicks on one of the ads, you receive an unknown, but meaningful, portion of the money Google supplies to promote your site on customer paid listings of Google’s AdWords program. are doing. Customizing the script is easy, just adjusting the settings in your account settings and then pasting the raw code into your site.

Regarding the Adsense update time

Although I hope that most of the people reading this article already have a good idea about what AdSense is and what it does. You’re really interested in what Google has done to transform its service, right? Well when I logged into the Adsense site a few days back, the first thing that popped up was a copy of the new TOS (Terms of Service). I read it, and clicked accept to agree to the new terms and conditions. When I arrived on my account page, I was greeted by two welcome sites: a new type of ad box, and even better yet, a new payment method.

How Adsense new update occurred?

The new ‘Ad link’ box isn’t just plain text ads. Rather they give you site-targeted topics that a visitor can click on to go to a list of related ads. What this really means is that instead of four or five ads on a single page, you can give your visitor access to 50, all of which can earn you money. This is a very exciting development, and one that could potentially benefit everyone.

However, there are some drawbacks that I have to point out. Currently the maximum size of the ‘Ad Links’ box is 200*90, with up to five topics. This is fine for people who use smaller ad units, but it can be a problem for those who use the largest rectangle possible. The second fact to consider is how long it may take for your visitors to adapt to the new layout. I don’t have any evidence to support this, as I’ve only been experimenting with the new system for two days now, but it looks like, at least in the short term, you should see a decrease in revenue from your AdSense account Will give As visitors get used to the new layout.

What to do when update happening?

However, the most beneficial changes Google has brought us is the payment system. A real boon for non-US based publishers like me is the supply of local currency checks. You can now choose to receive your check in any of 43 local currencies such as Pound Sterling, Indian Rupee, Euro, Turkish Lira. There is also an option to sign up for the beta of the new EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) payment option, which will deposit money directly into your bank account.

So these are the changes that Google has made in its AdSense program. But as for us wondering why, perhaps I can comment on the possibility as to why this update has arrived this week. Is it a coincidence that while Google was updating its program, Yahoo announced its own textual ad serving service based on its Overture paid inclusion search engine? Personally I don’t think so. But competition is almost always a good thing, and who knows, Yahoo might inspire Google to give people the ad tracking capabilities that many publishers have been crying out for.

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