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5 Tips To Getting Best Result from Google AdWords Investment

Hi, my name is Darryl Power and I am using internet for almost 3 years. I used every possible way to generate traffic. But it wasn’t until May 2003 that I discovered that my success really took off. But I am not here to tell you about my success, I am here to give you some useful tips with pay-per click advertising that I have learned in the last one year.’

5 Tips To Getting Best Result from Google AdWords Investment

The following 5 tips will help you target your specific audience, and reach over 85% of internet users in a fast and effective way.

1. Bid on relevant words at a low cost

When you do your research you need to find terms that not only define the website or services you want, but also those that cost less and have less competition. You will want to build a broad base of around 30 or more keywords to get the maximum click through rate.

2. Qualify your title and description

This is simple; Remember the 30 keywords you found; Now you create 6 to 7 ads which have 3 to 4 keywords. It is a fact that you can increase your click rate by almost 40% by using keywords in your title and description.

3. Use Unique Landing Pages

Now if you are promoting any affiliate product or any product then you need unique landing page for us. You should try to create landing pages that have reviews of the product you are selling. Reviews can increase your sales by 50% or more.

4. Use a Professional URL

There is nothing else that will stop a buyer from buying a product then a URL that looks like an affiliate link. When you choose a domain name make sure it is keyword rich, descriptive and related to the product you are selling.

5. Lastly, Stick to Your Budget

Don’t go beyond your budget. Calculate how much you will earn per sale? What percentage of your visitors will buy? How much are you paying per click? Set your cost-per-click base range to be around .08 to .10 cents. Remember you only want to make a profit.

This are the 5 Tips To Getting Best Result from Google AdWords Investment

Overall, you’ll need to keep tweaking your ads to get the best click rates. Oh yes, start with one or two products and build your campaigns around them, then repeat the process. Remember that if you spend $200 on advertising and you make $1000 from your product, you’ve just earned $800.

Darryl Power has an experience of more than 3 years in Online Marketing, 1 year in Pay-Per-Click Advertising and 7 years in Business Management.

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